My name is Megan.

Surf Trip up the coast

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Get to Know Me

I live in a sleepy surf town in Southern California. I spend most of my time in the water or on trails. My studio apartment is tiny and crammed full of books, art and other odd projects. It is my sanctuary for me and my dog, Sadie.

From a young age my parents helped develop an empathy based relationship with my surroundings. They raised me vegetarian and infused a strong awareness of my impact on others. It is through this lens in which I view and critique my own actions. It also fuels my curiosity and need to understand what is around me.

I hope you stick around. I would love to collaborate if you have similar interests. Please don’t hesitate to contact me.

Dont know where to start? Check out my thoughts on living on a sail boat or the value of ugliness.

Pre-Surf at a Central Coast spot with Sadie. Photo taken by Josh Gill
Crouching through a section at home